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Online Casino Domain Names Go Under the Hammer.

The U.S. Gaming Exchange is auctioning off its entire portfolio of 1,600+ domain names on eBay. The sale of the names started on Friday, January 6th and it goes on till Monday 16th January.

This enormous portfolio of domains consists of dot com extensions. The names are all of gaming specific and have a popular gaming keyword search term in the URL. Each of the domains does have a highly specific target in the US. While most of the names are aesthetically similar, but all are unique and highly memorable within each of their target market.

The keywords of the domains are all very popular gaming ones and include words like poker, Hold'em, casino, blackjack, slots or sportsbook. Purchasing this collection provides the owner with exclusive rights to either develop the names or break them up and resell them at a huge profit.

It is common knowledge that local Internet marketing is becoming the focal point of Yahoo!, Google, AOL, MSN and other search engines. Search engines are making the Internet geographically smaller and more focused on what surfers are looking for. This key factor has opened the door for a gaming company to finally compete with the big boys like Party Poker, Paradise Poker and Full Tilt Poker.

Large online gaming companies spend millions to market their brands nationally. This is very expensive and not focused on any one specific target area. Local marketing, on the other hand, is much cheaper and a lot more defined in terms of who is being marketed to. By creating the largest network of local online casinos in America, a company can take advantage of all these market conditions and become a major player in the online gaming business.

Kevin Golob, owner of the portfolio says, "Domain names are like pieces of undeveloped real estate. In the right hands and with the necessary amount of development capital, each site could be producing thousands of dollars per day."

The domain portfolio is live on eBay now.
The item number is 5851095624.
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