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Multiplayer online gambling rummy game released

A new online gambling site, RummyRoyal, has become the new home of Rummy games on the internet. It is currently the sole provider of games such as traditional Rummy, Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Rummy, or Kalooki.

According to a recent survey of a leading card manufacturer, Rummy is the third most popular game in the world. Birthed at the exclusive Knickerbocker Club in New York City, it later became the game of choice of the Hollywood Elite.

Unlike other card games that are considered games of chance, Rummy is thought considered by United States law enforcement to be a game of skill and is legal throughout the world. In February 23, 1965, a Federal judge in Las Vegas ruled that Gin Rummy was a skill-based game after listening to the testimony of prominent players and statisticians.

Gaming professionals at RM Royal Media LTD launched RummyRoyal four months ago and the website now attracts both novice and experienced players.

Players new to the website can use the free practice platform or play for real money. There is also the common special welcome bonus to first time players, as all initial deposits up to $200 will be doubled and new players will receive an additional $20 if one of their invited guests joins them in a game.

There is a very strict fair gaming policy at RummyRoyal and it is a highly secured and reliable place for players to enjoy this exhilarating game. Players should simply visit the website and see for themselves.

Stephen Holder.
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