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Online gambling site launches free slot tournament

One of the online gambling sites from The Factory Jackpot Group’s members, All Jackpots Casino, has announced the start of a free, month-long $100,000 multi-player slot tournament, culminating in an event where 300 players will win cash prizes, including a $50,000 prize for the winner.

The tournament kicks off on November the 15th, which will comprise of daily semi-final tournaments. The top 50 players from each day qualify for a free ticket to play in the finals. Players who don’t qualify can buy in for $100 for a final place.

David Brickman, Spokesperson for the Jackpot Factory, said in a joint statement with All Jackpots Casino, “This really solidifies us as the best multi-player slots casino. When you think of multi-player slot tournaments, think of All Jackpots Casino. Players are always looking for additional ways to increase the excitement and I think that this tournament will be one of the most talked about events of the holiday season.”

Built within the industry-leading Microgaming software, which can be downloaded for free at, multi-player slot tournaments allow players to spin against other players on the famous Lara Croft Tomb Raider™ video slot game.

“This is a free tournament and it is opened to all real casino players – new and old,” added Brickman. “In fact, new players can register for the casino and participate in this grand event without making a single purchase.”

Affiliates can also win by promoting the tournament. They get 12% of their players' winnings. Therefore, if an affiliate's player is the $50K winner, that's an extra $6K for him or her.

Stephen Holder.
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