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Online Casino Favours Republicans As 2008 Winners.

With George W. Bush’s term ending in 2008, speculation is mounting as to the identity of the contenders for the presidency. Online casino and sportsbook,, has posted early odds on the presidential race, with the Republicans as 3-4 favourites to retain office.

According to, the man to keep the Republicans in the White House is former NYC Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani at 1-2 odds. His most formidable opponent is John McCain, who unsuccessfully ran for the Republican nomination in 2000 against President Bush.

“Regardless of the Republican Party’s rightward shift and the Bernard Kerik fiasco, we feel that Americans still identify with Giuliani,” said BetUS spokesperson Matt Ross. Ross adds, “McCain should not be counted out, he took a bruising in 2000 against Bush and he may apply those hard lessons learned in 2008.”

Hillary Clinton is the 1-2 odds front runner to be the Democratic nominee in 2008. John Edwards comes in second, ahead of Evan Bayh and a host of others, including Barak Obama and Jessie Jackson Jr. who are both posted at 8-1 odds.

“Hillary is the Democratic power house,” added Ross. “Republicans and Democrats ignore her at their peril.”

Source: Online Casino News.
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