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Online gambling is still growing in the UK.

The UK has always had a growing online casinos and poker community, but the online bingo industry is thriving now, according to figures released by The report shows strong growth over the past three months despite what was anticipated to be the usual 'summer slow down'.

The analysis of activity at the major UK online bingo brands shows a 11% increase in daily average player numbers across the board. “This is a significant increase,” said co-founder and Managing Director, Scott Logan. “We're seeing the big bingo brands start to branch out into mainstream media when it comes to acquiring new players. We believe this to be the major catalyst, bringing online bingo into the homes of people who wouldn't have considered logging on to play six months ago.”

“The buzz around online gaming in this country over the past few months has been incredible,” said Logan. “This began with the smoking ban which was predicted to drive bingo players out of the halls and onto their computers in record numbers. While that didn't exactly happen, the online bingo operators have benefited through increased media coverage of the industry. The same can be said of the UK Government's introduction of laws to make online gaming a safer bet for the individual.” has assisted this with a site that provides a good resource for online bingo players. From site reviews and a highly active player community, the site is the first and only website to monitor and rank UK online bingo sites. This provides a quick and easy look to see how many players are currently playing at bingo sites and bingo rooms, size of pots and size of jackpots. provides 24-hour free bingo, bingo chat, bingo forums, promotions, bingo directories and much more.

Stephen Holder.
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