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Online gambling company launches new website.

The ever-growing online casino and gambling giant,, is well known for its approach to the industry. The fun entertainment site provides a place for gamblers and online players to flex their gaming muscles. Now, the group has launched a new site, called

The recently changes at Bodog, after problems with the company's domain name, has seen them adopt the new name. Bodog temporarily used after their root domain was hijacked in a frivolous patent dispute. In an effort to move to a more accurately named home, the company is pleased to announce

“Hey, the world changes, and if you don't change with it, you get left behind. We've been leading the good times for a long time, and nobody will leave us behind,” said Calvin Ayre, Bodog's founder. “That said, although the Bodog address is changing the bottom line is: at Bodog, it's business as usual. Same great site, just a new Web address.”

Despite the domain dispute and the trouble it caused within the company, the staff of over 1000 people rallied together and maintained the billion-dollar business on a strong growth curve during one of the busiest seasons. During this time, they were still able to debut the new domains, the company launched a Football Fantasy site, announced the winner of their Bodog Battle of the Bands contest on fuse TV, launched multilingual customer service, had a Bodog qualifier at the final table of the World Series of Poker Europe and put a new season of Bodog Fight into post-production.

Bodog still provides an ideal resource for entertainment, with a vast array of poker, music, mixed martial arts, casino, or sports betting.

Stephen Holder.
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