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Online gambling site awards jackpot.

Carbon Poker, the online gambling site, has awarded its first Caribbean Stud jackpot. The player, Yvetje, won $20,318.75 on a 20c jackpot bet placed on 2 September, 2007. Yvetje, a female player from Limburg, Belgium has been with Carbon Poker since 2005.

“Caribbean Stud is one of the latest additions to our software, and to have the top prize go off really shows you that anyone can have huge win,” said Shane Bridges, Carbon Poker's Media Manager. “We introduced jackpots to add the excitement of huge instant wins to our poker experience, and what could be more exciting than a player taking down the entire jackpot so quickly.”

As Yvetje played the $1 minimum Caribbean Stud table, she placed her $1 ante followed by her jackpot bet of 20 cents when a dream hand of a spades royal flush landed. As the dealers hand failed to qualify, she was just paid 1 to 1 on her ante, but her 20-cent jackpot bet paid out a $20318.75 jackpot win.

“Knowing this jackpot went to a player that’s been with us for such a long time, and loves playing all forms of poker with us, really makes this a special win,” Bridges added. “But at the same time, anyone can take down a jackpot, you don't need to be the next poker star to win big at our Caribbean Stud tables, Yvetje has proved that.”

Carbon Poker offers a huge range of poker games, from the traditional favourites like Hold'em, Omaha, and Stud, through to the specialty games like Badugi and of course Caribbean Stud.

Stephen Holder.
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