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Online casinos affiliate to sponsor CAP Euro.

ReferBack, the affiliate program of online gambling giant, Carmen Media Group, has announced its Platinum sponsorship of the CAP Euro conference. This four-day event will be held Barcelona from 4-7 October 2007. It will be the second Online Casino Affiliate conference in Europe this year for the top affiliates in internet gaming.

“Following on our extremely successful sponsorship of CAP Euro London at the beginning of this year, ReferBack is thrilled to participate in this event for the second time around as the Platinum sponsor,” said Grant Laubscher, Head of ReferBack. “CAP Euro is one of the best events of its kind in the world, helping to spark new ideas in creating first rate affiliate programs as well as growing and educating the casino affiliate market. The event provides an excellent networking forum that keeps our industry moving forward.”

ReferBack has built a name for itself in online gaming affiliate programs over the past eight years, working to develop trust and credibility by extending an assortment of profitable revenue sharing and commission payment models with unparalleled support. Affiliates that line themselves with ReferBack can encourage successful and established product brands and earn up to 35% lifetime revenue for their work.

This years CAP Euro event will have the usual range of fun social events, exhibitions, and educational sessions that forms a perfect environment for learning and networking.

“As at CAP Euro London, the ReferBack stand will again be a hive of activity and we look forward to sharing ideas and skills with existing as well as prospective partners,” said Laubscher.

Stephen Holder.
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