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Online sports gambling site re-launches online software.

The online sports gambling site,, is now fully operational and allows sports fans and handicappers to track their bets online.

“It's like a perfect storm of sports handicapping tools, sports contests and software to run your sports pools online,” said professional sports handicapper Rich Crew, who advised on some of the gameplay and programming re-design. “Everyone likes to claim that their site provides everything a sports fan needs in one spot, but comes the closest to actually backing up the claim.”

The wager-tracker program allows players to log picks and bets made in contests, at a sports lottery kiosk or at overseas and Vegas-based sportsbooks. The website’s functionality and other useful features help players to recognize handicapping trends and target winning angles.

“Handicappers can do their research on WagerTracker using the consensus plays tool, which shows which side of a game is getting the lion's share of public, or recreational, money,” added Richard Crew. “You can sort by sport, by bet type and various other means that can help improve return on investment at the sportsbook. You like to think you can manage these leaks in your handicapping style, but until you see it right there in front of you in black and white, it can be a money-losing blind spot for even a successful handicapper.”

WagerTracker also provides a considerable array of free sports handicapping competitions including NFL and college football handicapping contests. The contests encourage creative gameplay by picking winners based on point spreads, totals, and moneylines.

In addition, the free office pool software offers fantasy sports gurus and other contest fanatics a good platform from which to run their games and leagues.

Stephen Holder.
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