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BluBet launches new social wagering website.

BluBet, Inc. has launched a new website,, which trades in virtual currency called BluBucks. This social wagering website allows players to earn their BluBucks online in a friendly, currency free environment.

This innovative website allows members to gamble safely in an environment tailored to interaction with other players. It is currently endorsed by Jawed Karim (Cofounder of YouTube), Kevin Hartz (cofounder of international money transfer service, Xoom), Joe Greenstein (cofounder of Flixster) and Keith Rabois (former PayPal & LinkedIn executive and current Slide executive).

BluBet is fuelled by the best ideas of user-generated content and predictive markets. Instead of building a complicated prediction market that is hard to understand for the average user, BluBet took a simpler approach. By layering an entertaining gambling game on top of a prediction market, BluBet has built a service that is fun to use and easy to understand for the casual participant.

“Currently, our main priority is to continue to build a fun, engaging experience,” said Song Kim, CEO. “Ultimately, we believe BluBet will be the place to go to gain insights on any major event, whether in sports, entertainment, finance, or current events. A simple user-experience makes BluBet the prediction market for the rest of us.”

Some of the features available on BluBet include the ability to place a bet and comment on any topic; create bets with pictures, news articles, and comments; get friends' opinions on bets with a widget that can be embedded on any website, social network, and blog; and earn virtual currency and achievements based on successful betting.

Stephen Holder.
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