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Sealand launches online casino

The Principality of Sealand is to join the online gambling industry with its very own online casino, Sealand, which operates under its own jurisdiction, is located six miles off the Eastern Shores of Great Britain and is the world's smallest state. The casino will offer all players tax-free winnings from the casino.

The casino’s opening corresponds with Sealand’s 40th year anniversary on 2nd September, celebrating its struggle for liberty and the day that Prince Roy of Sealand exerted state authority on the island.

The Principality of Sealand has its own constitution and has its own features such as its own national flag, anthem, stamps and gold and silver coins denoting the Sealand Dollar. The Sealand Casino is the latest national treasure to celebrate The Principality's freedom, and the site will honour that freedom with tax-free winnings.

Sealand Casino has promised to match 100% of all first deposits or provide new players with a £100 sign-up bonus. With over 300 games, including fifteen progressive jackpots - currently rising to over £2m in value, there is plenty for budding players to enjoy.

Players will earn Loyalty Points each time they place a bet, which can then be redeemed for credits in the casino or cashed out as required. Tax-free winnings will be privately transferred in any currency to any account in the world.

For those interested in joining the nobility of Sealand, a Sealand Noble Title can be attained through a contribution to The Principality, bestowing loyal subjects with lord and ladyships.

Stephen Holder.
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