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Online gambling company arrives in Latin America.

The online gambling company, Backgammon Masters Group, is moving further a field into the Latin American markets with the introduction of the very first online version of the popular Spanish dice game, Perudo. This new game, plus their current platform of Backgammon games sets Backgammon Masters as the industry leader and the increased activity has resulted in the opening of a branch office in Mexico City.

The website conducted an extensive study into the Latin American online gaming audiences and as a result, is able to provide the most desirable and popular community games of particular world regions. This all forms part of a continuing move towards their global strategy to maintain the world's largest community game network.

The unique aspect about the site’s software and their All-in-one Game concept is that there is only one download from one site. Following this, players enter a single lobby and select from any number of games whether it be backgammon, perudo, poker, and the upcoming blackjack. This process makes it easier for players to enjoy a centralised platform of games and services.

The World Backgammon Network, Backgammon Masters, uses an innovative approach to their online backgammon games. Backgammon Master owns and runs its own proprietary backgammon software that combines a high level of usability, realism, and high-quality graphics.

Backgammon Masters supports all popular payment methods in Latin American countries such as Visa/MasterCard.

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