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Online gambling site releases new software.

Online gambling site, Premier Turf Club, has released its conditional wagering software, which is available to all customers on The site claims to improve horse or dog players' overall returns by allowing them to wager only on those selections that meet user controlled minimum odds thresholds.

This new software has a combination of being both robust and simple to operate as it enables players to build a succession of wagers at any time during the day and set minimum-odds conditions for each one. These ‘conditional wagers’ are then sent to a player-specific holding queue where they will remain until less than 1 MTP for the scheduled event. At 45 seconds to post for the race in question, the software will query the tote, comparing the minimum odds or prices on the wagers in the conditional queue against the actual real-time prices. If the odds threshold is met for a specific wager, it will be submitted to the tote; if not, the bet will be deleted.

“This feature will revolutionize the way the game is played,”" said Ian Meyers, Premier Turf Club CEO. “Never again will you be forced to accept an underlaid price on a horse or dog bet down dramatically from the morning line on bets you sent in hours before the race goes off. At the same time, you'll never have to wait around again for a specific race to ensure you get a fair price on a runner you want to back. This will end the cries of, 'If I knew that 6-1 ML horse was going to pay $30, I would have played him. We're pleased to be the first and only ADW offering this important feature.”

Stephen Holder.
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