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Online gambling site welcomes female players.

Online gambling site, CelebPoker has reported an increase in the amount of female players signing up, and competing fiercely, for a coveted place in their exclusive Team CelebPoker.

“At CelebPoker we are welcoming an unprecedented number of female players and actively encouraging more and more to get involved. Poker is an entertaining, exciting, and engaging pastime,” said Linda Donovan, Room Manager. “Team CelebPoker has become a favourite for many female players from all over the world.”

Some famous names like Annie Duke, Kathy Liebert, Liz Lieu, Jennifer Harman and Cyndy Violette have led the trail and inspired women to get involved on the poker scene, helping to further dismiss the claim that poker is a man's domain.

“If you walk into your local casino, you'll find mostly guys seated at the poker table,” added Ms. Donovan. “That's a fact!! And, for a lot of women, that can be a very intimidating. But playing poker online is a very different story… the general barriers to entry are so low which really appeals to women. We are delighted with the number of female players that are in the running for Team CelebPoker".

“Historically, women have been viewed as a weak link at a poker table but with more females playing poker online, and playing it successfully, this seems sure to become a thing of the past. Indeed, it would seem a good bet that a female will be representing Team CelebPoker at a major European Live Event in the very near future… and, no doubt, turning a few heads for all the right reasons in the process.”

Stephen Holder.
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