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Online casino launches survey.

One of the biggest online gambling site, and the world’s most popular slot machine web site,, is holding an Online Slot Machine Player Survey in order for patrons to speak their minds. One lucky respondent will win $500 in an optional draw at the end of the questionnaire.

“We know some things about what kinds of slot machines and video poker games players like best,” said John Lancelet of “We can see which ones get played the most. But we wanted to find out some other things like players' superstitions and strategies, where and when they play, and things like that.”

Gambling Daily will host this survey, which translates into the most comprehensive survey of online slot machine players ever conducted.

“We didn't want to hear only from our own players,” said Lancelet, explaining the media partnership. “We want to hear from slot machine players everywhere.”

Some of the questions the survey will attempt to answer are: do more people play at work or at home? How do players know when it's time to switch slot machines? Do slots players play poker? Does anyone under 80 play slots? Do most people place max bets? How are British fruit machine players different from their American counterparts?

The results will appear in the September issue of the monthly Newsletter, on Slotland's info site,, on the community's blog and on Gambling Daily.

As well as having 13 unique games and a host of other features, the site also features, which is compatible with almost all phone models including Blackberry and the new iPhone.

Stephen Holder.
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