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OAP wins over £200k at bingo

A retired nurse could hardly believe her luck when scooping a £221,000 win at a bingo hall, after thinking she had only managed to win £100.

Jean Murdoch, who was playing at a Mecca hall in Ayr, then capped off a memorable experience by bagging another £300 on a fruit machine before collecting her winnings.

After reaching 40 numbers to win the local prize, she took home the national jackpot as she also had a lucky star.

Jean, 73, said: “I wasn’t paying much attention when my numbers came up, so I thought I’d won £100.

“When I was eventually told I’d won the jackpot, I was a wee bit shocked, to say the least. It didn’t sink in and it still hasn’t.

“I go to the bingo at least twice a week with friends but, the day I won, I was on my own.

“The most I’ve ever won over the years is about £500 so all my pals at the bingo are delighted for me.”

Jean has spent part of her winnings on a new car.
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