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Colossus Bets player in £689,000 dilemma

Wednesday night’s Barclays Premier League clash between Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge will see Jose Mourinho’s home team look to maintain at least a seven-point gap at the top of the table, but one punter has far bigger worries heading into the contest.

The player in question is debating whether to accept a £104,000 fractional Cash-In offer from Colossus Bets, having placed a £4 wager on the operator’s £2m Pick 6 Millionaire game.

Should the player decide to keep playing, they would require a Colossus Bets “Any Other Home Win” to come in (i.e. Chelsea to win and score at least four goals) to win £689,000.

The player would be given a second chance to win the same amount if they correctly predict the score of the bonus leg match between Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday.

The £104,000 fractional Cash-In offer enables the player to sell any 10% part whilst retaining the remainder of the ticket to play for a correspondingly reduced share of the jackpot prize and the player will also receive a new offer at half-time in tonight’s match provided he does not sell the ticket in full before then.

Colossus Bets COO David O’Reilly said: “It must be an intense day for this person to decide should he, for example, bank £50,000 now for half of the ticket and play on for almost £700,000 more, or should he sit tight and pray Chelsea steamroll an out of form Everton side.”

A full unit costs players £2, but the game can be played for as little as 20p, which buys a 0.1 unit and plays for a proportional £200,000.

David Cook
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