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Shoot 'em Poker released for phone handsets.

Best Direction, Inc. is an industry-leading creator of first class mobile phone games and the publisher of the highly successful 300 Bowl is releasing a series of creative games, with the availability of their new application, Shoot'em Poker, developed for worldwide distribution on BREW® and JAVA® handsets.

The first distribution of the game on a major wireless carrier will happen around the mid point of July, with the launch of Shoot'em Poker on Verizon Wireless®.

Shoot'em Poker combines the intelligence of a poker game with the skill of a shooting game into one challenging package. During play, cards are dealt to each player; unwanted cards are discarded; replacement playing cards scroll across the screen, face up and players are challenged by being given a limited time to shoot at and hit their desired card. All traditional poker rules, betting and playing strategies work with the game.

Poker expertise and gaming skills are mixed together to ensure an extremely rewarding gaming experience. Shoot'em Poker has accomplished a rare feat in cell phone entertainment – it is truly unique, yet it surrounds itself with the familiar rules of five-card draw poker, a game that is universally known and enjoyed. Gamers will be treated to an addictive title, featuring user-friendly game play, while utilizing first-class art and animations.

“Shoot'em Poker brings the game of Poker into the twenty-first century”, said Dex Matheson, President of Best Direction, Inc. “The power of the computer and the popularity of cell phones have enabled us to enhance a classic game and distribute it to poker fans everywhere. Our goal is to continue to develop more original, quality titles for the mobile market.”

Stephen Holder.
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