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Online gambling site end of July promotion.

Online gambling site, BingoHouse is one of the larger online bingo websites and has announced its end of July Promotions that will see players able to win big cash prizes.

The final weekend of the month, 28th and 29th July, players will be able to compete in the Jeeves Jackpot games to win prizes of up to $10,000. Games will take place at 9:18 and 9:24 EST on both nights.

Players will have another chance at $10,000 in the Desperate Lounge every Saturday night from 10-11 PM throughout July at BingoHouse. The well-liked Millionaire's Mansion is again available for bingo tournaments with great cash prizes in several categories. Games take place every Monday and Tuesday throughout the month from 6 PM to midnight.

In addition, for the entire month of July, players will have the opportunity to win great camping equipment worth $1,000 including a huge dream home tent, sleeping bags, a 2-way radio system, and a GPS system. On July 20th and 22nd, players will have a chance at $7,500 in the Cold Cash Power Hour. These games will take place from 10-11 PM, Fri. Sat, and Sunday.

“These are some of the most varied and lucrative prizes I've seen in a long time on any online bingo site,” said Anthony Wayne, editor of the InternetBingoBlog that reports on the online bingo industry. “I am always surprised at the innovative promotions that BingoHouse produces.”

As well as numerous other games and promotions, BingoHouse has the usual chat room games that come with prizes such as a dream bed to Omaha Steaks and more. A final attraction is the massive 300% sign up best bingo bonus.

Stephen Holder.
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