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Singapore taking no chances with updated anti-gambling ad

Singapore’s National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) responded to last week’s international lampooning by reworking its anti-gambling advertisement.

The message of the ad, which featured a boy named Andy in despair after his father bet his life savings on Germany winning the World Cup, was first interrupted as Germany stormed Brazil 7-1 in the semi-finals.

The NCPG explained then that it had chosen Germany in the ad to inject a sense of “realism” into the message to prevent people from being carried away by the hype of the tournament.

But the laughs only got louder when the team’s goal against Argentina during extra time of the finals made Germany into world champions, with people around the world flooding social media to congratulate Andy on his good fortune.

Again, even government officials couldn’t help getting involved.

Teo Ser Luck, minister of state at the trade and industry ministry, wrote on his Facebook: “Andy, ok you can stop smiling. Go get your savings from your daddy. Tell him please don’t do this again and go and get ready for school.”

However after a week of being the butt of the joke the NCPG was prepared. It swiftly published a new version of the ad on its website to reinstate the discussions sombre tone.

Once again it features Andy with his friends. One asks: “Your dad’s team won. Did you get your savings back?”

“No,” replies Andy, “dad never stops. He wants to bet one more time.”

This time the NCPG were careful not to specify where he put his wager.

The advertisement will run until 23 July.

Emma Rumney
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