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Online Gambling Site posts NFL odds.

3/7/2007, the online casino that is famous for having taken the first online wager ever, will lead the race to post online betting for the 2007 NFL regular season. Week One lines and dozens of props, including Divisional Winners and who will win Super Bowl XLII, are already online at Players can log in and see all featured bets and online wagers available.

Early favourites to win Super Bowl XLII in Arizona next February are The New England Patriots are the early favourites to win Super Bowl XLII. Odds at favour the Pats to face the Chicago Bears (+1800), New Orleans Saints (+2200), Dallas Cowboys (+2500) or Philadelphia Eagles (+2500).

The Pats are the favourite, at +400, to win Super Bowl XLII with the Indianapolis Colts at +650 and the San Diego Chargers at +750. (All odds quoted are those posted at Sportsbook as of June 28, 2007.)

“We've had our eye on the Patriots during the off-season,” said manager Michael Weiss. “They were already strong and they've done more to improve the team than any other franchise. We think they'll go all the way this season!”

On top of the Super Bowl XLII props, Sportsbook is offering odds for September NFL games, season opener between Indianapolis and the Patriots.

The wide variety of props offered by Intertops includes Spread Winner, Over/Under Totals and Straight Up bet on the outcome of the game. The popular casino, poker, and sports betting site also takes First Half and Second Half Side, Spread Winner and Totals wagers.

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