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Online Casino launches iPhone promo.

2/7/2007, a leading online gambling site, is holding a competition to award fifteen lucky ‘Let 'Em Ride’ players the brand new piece of iPhone technology.

“As an internet company we are always into the latest technology, and we all love the new iPhone, as it's a mobile phone, MP3 player and wireless web browser all rolled into one, so we decided to give away 15 of them,” says founder and billionaire entertainment mogul Calvin Ayre of the contest, which starts today.

During the six weeks of the contest (June 29 to August 10), will also award thirty $50 iTunes gift cards and thirty $25 credits to player accounts in a random draw of all those who play Let 'Em Ride.

The game works where one winning Let 'Em Ride hand is selected at a time, starting with four twos and continuing in order to a royal flush. The first player to be dealt the winning hand wins a brand new iPhone. Once a winning is announced, the contest moves onto the next hand.

So, the first player to get four 2s wins an iPhone, 2s are taken off the board, and the contest moves on to four of a kind 3s. The first person to get four 3s wins the next iPhone and so on. Once all four of a kind hands are dealt in chronological order, the contest moves on to the next level where players dealt a straight flush and royal flush respectively are awarded an iPhone.

There can only be one ‘live’ at a time. Each time a lucky Let 'Em Ride player wins a brand new iPhone the winning hand is changed. Daily updates of what the current ‘live’ hand is and who won are available at:

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