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Vegas sports betting gets American television slot

The walls are falling; the laws are breaking, twisting, shaking and being re-written; it’s coming and American television channel CNBC are keen to explore it. They have announced a new programme, Money Talks, which delves into the life of a Las Vegas sports bettor, Steve Stevens.

The channel are determined to continue and expand their attempts in the successful unscripted programme market following The Car Chasers, which is set for a second season, and see Money Talks as a window into the world of the unknown, in the mainstream at least.

The one-hour pilot will premiere on 10 September, and will follow Stevens, a well-known handicapper who runs VIP Sports in Vegas, and his affiliates as they go about their business of making a huge amount of money through gambling on sports events.

Although legal in Nevada, strict laws in America still prohibit betting in most states. However, some seem to be coming round to the idea in the knowledge that underground gambling occurs but without the tax benefits, understanding that a potentially huge income could be generated from legalising it. Whether or not a programme like ‘Money Talks’ could influence laws remains to be seen but it’s sure to stir up controversy either way, something reality shows rely on.

CNBC senior vice president of primetime alternative programming Jim Ackerman said: “Car Chasers developed a loyal fan base and we’re excited to build off that momentum and grow the show. Money Talks takes us deep inside the world of sports betting in Las Vegas. It’s a world that hasn’t been explored in primetime and we’re confident that our viewers will be fascinated by this intimate look at high stakes gambling.”

Bruce Archer
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