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Lucky slots player scoops £4.5m

An online casino punter has won a colossal £4.5m jackpot.

The 46-year-old punter named Sandro scooped the huge prize on the Mega Fortune game at BetVictor Casino.

Having started with just £65 in his account, Sandro spun the money up to £150 before triggering the life-changing jackpot less than 20 minutes later with a £5 bet.

He says the money, which is the biggest payout ever at BetVictor Casino, will allow him to “make my dreams come true”, adding that he would be sure not to forget his friends and family.

“I can’t begin to describe what winning the jackpot feels like, it’s such an adrenaline rush, like being in a comet that flies you around the world in a second,” he said.

Head of BetVictor Casino Andrew Dymock said: “It gives us great pleasure to hand over the mouth-watering cheque to such a loyal customer and I’m sure with the growth in our gaming business we will see more multi-million pound winners in the future!”
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