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Atlantic Club Casino on the offensive

New Jersey’s Atlantic Club Casino has escalated its war of words with the Rational Group after the two parties failed to successfully agree on PokerStars’ acquisition of the casino. The Atlantic City-based casino had been the subject of a bid from the online poker site, which is owned by the Rational Group. But the ACC last month cancelled the deal, causing widespread confusion that has led both sides to blame each other for the failure.

The ailing casino claims that they were not fully aware of the poker site’s confrontations with the US Government and accusations of "serious criminal activities" concerning Isai Scheinberg and other members of the Rational Group. ACC also commented that Rational “were not the innocent victims” they’ve portrayed themselves as”.

Although Rational’s integrity has been questioned by the ACC they are also pointing out that legally they were within their rights to pull out due to terminate the deal by a specific date regardless of Rational's interim casino licence application.

This despite the Rational Group reportedly already paying $11 million of the $14 million agreed to purchase the casino already.

The case is due to be heard by a New Jersey Judge today (Friday 17 May).
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