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Vegas Casinos consider Google Glass ban

Google’s latest cutting edge product could be set to receive a frosty welcome from casinos in Las Vegas in the future. “Google Glass”, the company’s new wearable computer, has a head mounted display can be used for a multitude of tasks from taking photos and videos to answering questions - and American news outlet NBC is reporting that this may be a bit too much for some casinos.

The eyewear certainly has the potential to create issues for poker tournaments and would probably be banned from such events if a Las Vegas-wide sanctions went ahead. It is normal for tournament staff to restrict technology in the latter stages of poker tournaments anyway, though, so it seems unlikely that misuse of the headwear could threaten high profile games in any event.

Speaking on NBC, MGM Resorts International said: “Picture-taking is frowned upon, and security officers on duty ask individuals not to take pictures for the privacy of others in the casino. This new product is nothing new in terms of a challenge for us, because for so many years, the very tiniest of portable lipstick and pinpoint cameras have been around.”

Google Glass is still in testing. A release date for consumers is expected in late 2013.
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