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Paddy Power introduce two-tap mobile betting

Paddy Power have updated their betting app to enable punters to place a wager with two touches of the screen.

Described as ‘the fastest single bet placement in mobile sports betting’, the online bookmaker’s 2 Tap Bet Placement feature has reduced the number of steps taken to place a mobile bet.

Pre-event bets can now be placed within 3-4 seconds, rather than the previous 16-20 seconds, while live betting time is down from 20-25 seconds to 6-8 seconds.

The only two steps now involved in the punting process are the choosing of a selection and the tapping of the ‘Place Bet Now’ button that appears on the screen.

A message on the Paddy Power blog read: “We will be saving customers thousands of hours of time per month – time you can use for helping dolphins or just sitting around in your pants. It’s up to you!”

Meanwhile another change to the app see a player’s most recent stake become their default stake.
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