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Trade Chase launch new trading game

Financial betting website Trade Chase have released a new gaming format which allows players to profit from short-term market movements.

Offered as a simpler alternative to traditional binary options trading, Up or Down sees players predict whether their chosen company, currency or commodity will have increased or decreased in price in two minute’s time.

If their choice was correct the punter receives an instant payout, which is based on their original stake as well as how well other players are doing in the game, thus ensuring a similar reward for similar performances.

Correct predictions can earn up to double a player’s stake.

Trade Chase co-founder Colin Smith said: “Binary options trading is quick and tax-free, but it is still far too complex for most people.

“There is no reason why this form of trading should only be enjoyed by a small number of city slickers. Our new Up or Down game is much more simple and requires no experience of the markets or stock trading.”
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