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Trading Standards warn of lottery con

Members of the public are being warned not to fall for a lottery phone scam.

Potential victims in Guernsey have been receiving cold calls informing them that they have won £120,000, although they are told they will need to pay a fee to release the prize.

They are given the option of either paying £4,200 to Trading Standards or £1,325 to a lawyer, although in truth the money will go to neither.

A Trading Standards spokesmen said the suggestion of the organisation being involved in a lottery was “ludicrous and without foundation”, and advised anyone with any concerns regarding any telephone, email or postal offers they receive to talk to friends and family, or contact Trading Standards.

The spokesman also underlined the fact that it isn’t possible to win a lottery you haven’t entered, adding that genuine lotteries never include any requirement for a payment to be made before the so-called winnings are released.

The spokesman said: "Clearly the perpetrators of this con trick think people could be persuaded to pick the lawyer option to pay the 'release fee' as it is much cheaper.

"Of course, in reality, well over £1,000 of your money will go straight into the con man's pocket and you are left with nothing."
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