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Kyl's latest attempt to kill online gaming defeated

Senate throws out amendment after debate.

As went to press this week the good news was coming - U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl's latest efforts to kill off online gambling in the USA have been defeated.

Kyl, a longtime and skilful anti-online gambling politician for the past several years sought to amend an appropriations bill to include language prohibiting Internet gambling in the United States.

The amendment was defeated in the Senate Thursday morning after a night of debate and political gamesmanship. Democratic leaders invoked a point of order on the amendment, arguing that it should be placed on a bill in the Banking and Finance committee and not an appropriations bill.

The point of order was passed by majority vote, essentially killing Kyl's amendment. Early reports from Reuters suggested that Kyl remain undeterred, promising to be back with another proposal.

Kyl said his legislation would require banks and credit card companies to block payments to online Internet gambling sites. He said some firms were already voluntarily blocking money transfers.

"We will proceed with this, it will become law at some point at some time," the Arizona Republican said on the Senate floor. "There should be no reason why we can't move forward on this."

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, said that a member of her party had objected to attaching Kyl's language to the spending bill but she was not sure who. Kyl urged the lawmaker to come forward so the concerns could be addressed.

Shares of online gambling sites in Britain moved higher on Thursday in anticipation of the Senate action. Partygaming Plc moved up 5 percent to 105 pence while Plc moved up 11.3 percent to 321 pence on London trading.
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