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Jacobson Gaming One year Old.

Jacobson Gaming and Certified Fair Gambling are celebrating one year in business. The company focus on land-based casinos and some online casinos game analysis, including mathematical and statistical models for casino games, game design, risk analysis and house edge. This is in conjunction with Internet casino audits through Certified Fair Gaming. Jacobson Gaming works with individual and corporate clients as well as through The Wizard of Odds and Compton Dancer Consulting.

"Jacobson Gaming is extremely detailed and efficient with his statistical analysis. It is nice working with a company that provides quality documentation and possesses knowledge of the gaming industry. I will continue to rely on Jacobson Gaming for the complete evaluation of our future products,” said Larry R. Cockrell, Jr., President, Innovative Gaming, Inc. and inventor of Quick Seven.

"Recommended to us by Micheal Shackleford (the Wizard of Odds), Jacobson Gaming has provided our company with a clear and concise analysis of Tennessee Two Card. Eliot's math and computer skills, as well as his ability to communicate efficiently, sets him apart from the rest. It has been a pleasure working with Jacobson Gaming. We look forward to working with him on future projects," said Kelvin Morin , Vice President, Operations & Product Development, MiniMax Gaming Inc.

The Internet casino audits help visitors trust the casinos they sign up to. There are many stories of online casinos cheating their customers and this is where Jacobson Gaming and Certified Fair Gambling comes into play. More and more casinos are having their log files professionally reviewed to determine payout percentages and to certify fairness.

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