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Wild Jack Mobile Casino adds baccarat.

The popular UK mobile gambling portal, Wild Jack Mobile Casino (WJMC), has added the classic card game, Baccarat, which is popular at online casinos, to its rapidly expanding mobile gaming portfolio.

Once a game for the wealthy jet setters, played in exclusive rooms in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau, Baccarat is now more popular, and available to the every-man. WJMC has added the game to ten others currently available on their portal.

Baccarat is a simple and fun game of suspense and chance. Legend has it that the game was first developed in Italy and brought to France in the fifteenth century, where it became a favourite at the court of King Charles VIII. Today, WJMC revels in the delight of bringing this classic card game into the 21st Century for enjoyment on mobile devices.

"WJMC's latest game transports you to your own exclusive table – in the palm of your hand. This is a great addition to the casino, which now has 11 amazingly presented games delivered on a proven software platform, said Nicc Lewis, UK Country Manager for Wild Jack Mobile Casino. “Our enhanced graphics and realistic casino environments add to the classic gaming experience."

To start the mobile Baccarat games, simply text 'WJMC to 89895', from a compatible mobile phone device, follow the registration (which includes a strict age verification process) and download the WJMC 'Casino Lobby' - within five minutes you will be playing Baccarat. With WJMC, there is no need to visit a website, everything needed to be up and running can be done via a compatible mobile.

Other games available from Wild Jack Mobile Casino include Blackjack, Roulette, Jacks or Better, Treasure Nile, Tomb RaiderTM, Fruit Fiesta and Scratch Card.

Stephen Holder
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