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Elevated Gaming offers new betting game.

A new Californian company, Elevated Gaming, has been formed for players to bet (of all things strange) on which one of the elevator cars you're waiting for will come first. This strange betting opportunity came about after Roger Skoff, Elevated Gaming’s President, was standing in the lobby of a building waiting for an elevator with his friend Mike Riley. They took a bet to see which would come first.

“I forget who won our bet,” said Skoff. “But as we rode the elevator upstairs, I said 'you know, we could probably sell casinos on the idea of putting machines in their lobbies, so guests could bet on the elevators.’ 'Sure,' Mike replied, 'but, why not put the machines next to every elevator bank on every floor of the casino? With a fully automated machine, you wouldn't need a croupier, and players could bet every time they had to wait for an elevator to arrive.'”

Elevated Gaming was formed to develop and market products that exploit the patentable rights to Skoff and Riley's new elevator betting game. Skoff expects the company to quickly become an important part of the casino gaming industry. "We've got patents in process for the only entirely new gambling game since slot machines were introduced in 1899," he says, "so we expect to be very successful."

"Bet-A-Vator™", can be played wherever such games are legal. Skoff said that betting facilities could be placed next to every elevator bank on every floor of client casinos, resorts, hotels, and other multi-story buildings. Players would be able to pass the time and amuse themselves by placing bets on the arrival, timing, and direction of elevators.

Skoff expects his company to have completed its product development, testing, and legal approval processes within a year.

Stephen Holder.
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