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New online casino launched.

Prime Gaming continues its growth into the online gaming industry with the launch of its brand new casino this week,, which follows directly after last months Prime Poker and Prime ScratchCards launched late last year. This latest entry into iGaming coincides with the complete re-branding of the organization, with the company's marketing division TCADS now integrated into the Prime Gaming family to provide full marketing, development, advertising, affiliate program, and promotional activity for all its brands. is just the latest property to receive this treatment. The Casino product operates with over two hundred games on offer and boasts the most robust software platform in the world for the purpose of online gaming.

‘We are using the Microgaming software in our casino and nobody has better graphics, more games, a better reputation, or better conversion and player value than Microgaming,’ said Chris Panaytiou COO of Prime Gaming. ‘This is industry fact and not opinion.’ This bold statement is confirmation of the way that Prime Casino has reaffirmed its commitment not only to the industry, but to its affiliates and players as well.

The Prime Casino approach is one of confidence and commitment as the business model for affiliates is sure to take the gaming world by storm if it follows anything like the success that the TCADS programme brought to online backgammon.

For an industry that is looking around every corner for the next big thing, the Prime Casino offering seems to be well covered for anything that is thrown at it.

Stephen Holder.
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