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Backgammon Masters introduces mascot.

4/4/2007 is to introduce a novel was of promoting their skill game software with an unusual new player, Jean-Claude the animated tiger. According to BackgammonMasters Jean-Claude, is a well-designed and cleverly scripted effort to illustrate to a wide audience the appeal of backgammon as a skill game truly loved and played by all people, from all walks of life from around the world. Viewers gain prizes for trivia questions after viewing, will get rewards for any suggestions for script ideas used.

‘BackgammonMasters creates a new dimension in online backgammon branding in their five part interactive animation series titled 'Life According to Jean-Claude'." In the series we are exposed to a hilarious explanation and comparison by Jean-Claude of how to succeed at everything from playing backgammon to chopping onions, to fulfilling ones dreams and make important life choices,’ said a BackgammonMasters spokesperson.

BackgammonMasters is happy to present Jean-Claude, a street-smart tiger, as a humoristic, mafia type, dressed in 70's clothes (bell-bottoms and cream-colored shoes, a button-up shirt with a dice print and a large dollar sign chain around his neck) sitting in his trailer in the used junk car lot he manages. However, he feels right at home amidst the junk, and manages to keep his sprits up, whist entertaining and keeping informed those playing Backgammon on the site.

The website has maintained a high profile in the news lately not only because of Jean-Claude, they also recently launched a 3-in-1 game lobby offering games such as Backgammon, Poker and Perudo (Liar's Dice), all in one download.

Stephen Holder.
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