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Slots jackpot pays out 7million euro

A lucky slots player has won nearly €7m at an online casino.

The progressive jackpot of €6,864,858 – equivalent to £5,707,230 – was claimed on Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune slot at the casino by a 30-year-old man from Helsinki in Finland.

The previous progressive jackpot was won in September last year, with the €11.7million prize confirmed by Guinness World Records as the biggest online slots win ever. The latest jackpot took just four months to build up.

The Mega Fortune slot is part of Net Entertainment’s jackpot network and pools the liquidity of players across Europe. The game has paid out over €26million in the past year.

Acting President and CEO at Net Entertainment Björn Krantz said: “It has been an incredible few months for Mega Fortune and we are thrilled that the jackpot had grown to such a high figure in only four months after breaking the world record in September. We would like to congratulate the winner and we look forward to some more huge payouts in 2012.”
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