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PacificNet launches new gaming products.

The leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile internet, e-commerce and gaming technology in China, has revealed that its subsidiary, PacificNet Games Limited (PacGames), has launched a new series of gaming products called the Multiplayer Electronic Table Game Series. This announcement happened at the 6th International Gaming & Entertainment Expo in Macau, China, March 14-16.

‘This is the first time PacificNet has had a chance to showcase our gaming products at a leading international gaming expo in Macau,’ said Tony Tong, CEO of PacificNet. ‘After achieving early success in the Macau gaming market we believe that we are ready to expand into other parts of Asia as we see strong demand and opportunities for growth in other Asian gaming markets. We are satisfied with our success in Macau as we have quickly become one of the leading local suppliers of gaming machines to some of the most famous casinos in Macau and Asia.’

‘PacGame's multi-player Electronic Gaming Machines have quickly proven to be one of the best performing gaming machines designed for the Asian players. Macau has become the fastest growing part of China and we are very excited to be moving forward in our pursuit of the Macau gaming technology business. We believe the Asian gaming market has huge growth potential and that we are well positioned to win more hotel-casino clients in order to capture a growing market share as a leading gaming technology provider in the region,’ said Victor Tong, President of PacificNet.

PacificNet Inc. currently owns 51% of PacGames and has a pre-emptive right to maintain the 51% ownership in case of any dilution due to exercise of options or warrants by any new investors.

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