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Experts predict UK gambling slowdown

According to a new report by Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, gambling operators’ growth from UK gamblers will slow in 2012, despite the benefit of the Uefa European Championships taking place.

A major international football tournament would normally see a rise in UK sports betting over a year of between 7-8% in gross gaming yield.

But this summer’s tournament in Poland and Ukraine is expected to produce no more than a 5.5% rise in sports betting.

Horseracing yield is also expected to fall, although at a slower rate, while bingo is predicted to suffer from the effects of government austerity measures.

The fate of casinos is likely to be more promising though, as they should benefit from the number of tourists coming to London for the Olympic Games.

Lotteries are also expected to do well, but even so, the report predicts that the UK’s gross gaming yield will be no higher than 3.5%. This is part of a predicted widespread decline in spending throughout Europe.

Italy is thought to have achieved growth of 24% in 2011 and they are expected to be Europe’s fastest growing market in 2012, but with a gross gaming yield of only 5%.

The report predicts France’s yield will slow to 2.3%, while Spain and Ireland’s will fall to 1.6%.

Jack Watkins
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