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Michael Jackson hair to become roulette ball

An internet gambling portal are to turn the late Michael Jackson’s hair into a roulette ball. have purchased some of the King of Pop’s hair at auction with the intention of turning it into the unique ball by way of tribute.

Bidding on the hair, which was collected at New York City’s Carlyle Hotel where Jackson had stayed during a charity event, opened at $1,000 and received 15 bids before eventually being sold to the website for $10,871. The auction was overseen by specialist memorabilia merchant

A statement from the buyers read: “ had been looking for a fitting way in which to celebrate this entertainment colossus’ life since his tragic death in 2009. And upon hearing of the auction, seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immortalise a small part of the King of Pop in a truly unique way.”

Site spokesman Jack Mason added: “Since we’re big Michael Jackson fans, we want Michael to continue to rock and ‘roll’ forever.”
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