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Slots player taking legal action over jackpot dispute

A gambler is to sue an Austrian casino after being refused a £37 million jackpot payout.

Behar Merlaku was playing on a slot machine in the city of Bregenz back in March when the game told him he had won the massive prize, despite the fact he had only completed four of the five matches required to trigger the jackpot.

The player was refused the money by the casino’s bosses, who blamed the mistake on a software error, and instead offered Merlaku £60 and a free meal. He was then banned from the casino after refusing the compensation.

The 26-year-old intends to launch a civil action next month, claiming the casino should honour the payout as indicated by the machine.

He said: “The jackpot came up loud and clear. There was music and the sum I had won - nearly 43 million euros - was displayed on a screen.

“I was so overjoyed and in my head I began calculating what I could do with all this money.”
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