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Bid for your own poker player.

At, an online gambling site, the players have the opportunity to bid on professional poker players during tournaments. Not only can participants sponsor players, but also they can list their own terms for a poker deal. Membership and bidding is free, and if a player wants to ensure that top poker players are available for travel dates they can create their own listing for as low as a $1.95.

Chris Ratcliff commented, ‘I always look forward to playing Texas Hold'em at the Bellagio, but it doesn't usually set well with the wife. That is until now. She went to and selected three poker players to play her small bankroll. Poker is now an exciting event for both of us!’ His wife noted, ‘Chris makes fun of me, but I really did get very excited when my pro handed me $1500. Not bad for a $300 investment. I had no choice but to go shopping.’

The site provides links to land based tournaments, freerolls, and casino locations. In addition to information on how to post a player or sponsor listing and a sample sponsorship contract that can be customized.

Rounder Auction is involved in charity work with The Charity Catalog, which has many brand new items donated, by businesses or individuals. All profits are given to Family Interventions, Inc., not-for-profit organization that directly helps physical abused, neglected, or sexually molested children in Indiana. The site will also provide free listing services for anyone wanting to list their Charity Auctions on the site. Furthermore, Rounder Auction is committed to helping poker players be heard and respected by the United States government. They fully support the efforts of the Poker Player Alliance, and other similar grassroots efforts.

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