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Online casino funded African school opens.

16/3/2007, the online gambling site, has once again proven to provide more than just an entertaining gambling service. About a year ago, started a collaboration with local villages in Juma, Malawi to build and operate the elementary school. Classes have now begun and hundreds of villagers are involved in maintaining the school and the demonstration gardens that feed its 116 students.

‘In Europe and America and everywhere games are played, we take basics like education and food and water for granted,’ said Hannah Morante of ‘Slotland feels obliged to share our bounty.’

‘These people don't know what an online slot machine is and they've never seen a mobile phone, never mind played video poker on one,’ said Slotland's local project coordinator. ‘But they do understand generosity and are all forever grateful to’

Not only does the school, called Umodzi-Mbame, provide meals to all students and even grows the food it serves, but it’s faming areas provides much needed education and guidance to local farmers trying to grow some crops.

‘We got the village elders on side from the start,’ explains the project coordinator. ‘Our project depends on the involvement of the whole community so their support was critical. It's amazing what a positive difference Slotland has made here.’ provided all funding for building the school as well as the training of volunteers and recruiting teaching staff. In addition, skilled project coordinators to teach villagers to run the school when they eventually leave came compliments of

Stephen Holder.
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