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NLOP announces player milestones and 2007 prize packages.

The National League of Poker (NLOP) a division of Power Play Development has announced the registration of over 75,000 people to free online poker portal Started in May 2006, this is first completely free-to-play online poker portal that offers players risk-free poker tournaments that awards cash and prizes to winners.

‘Our NLOPTM division continues to experience amazing adoption numbers, averaging over 10,000 new players per month,’ said Michael Clebnik, COO of Power Play. ‘The Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act has changed the online poker landscape forever. The withdrawal of offshore sites like Party Poker from the U.S. market has left millions of Americans abandoned. NLOPTM is the leading legal alternative for online poker play.’

One of the sites features is a fantasy-sports style weekly contest structure that awards players ‘NLOP Points’ every day they log in. These points allow them free entry to tables in order to earn more points, qualify for finals, or win cash prizes.

‘We have developed the all-important 'loss factor' into our competitions,’ continued Roy A. Evans EVP. ‘The poker play on our site is as serious as real-money sites because our NLOP points have true value--play poorly and you go bankrupt on points, and can't play again until the next day.’

Another announcement has been that NLOP plans on adding a suite of new games and enhanced player-functionality next quarter, and expects to award over $250,000 in prizes in 2007.

NLOP is making a name for itself as a leading venue for casual poker game-play in the U.S. It aims to bring fun, free and compelling game play to U.S.-based poker enthusiasts while enabling brands, advertisers, and sponsors to take advantage of this huge market.

Stephen Holder.
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