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Online Casino launches promotion.

Everest Poker, one of the largest online gambling websites, has announced a new promotion for their players to run throughout the month of March. World Tour Adventure will see players earn points each time they place a wager on World Tour, the newest video slot machine offered by the online casino. These points are applied in a competition to win a share of $3,500 in cash prizes offered by Everest Casino.

‘We're always excited at the opportunity to offer our players this sort of competition,’ said Eduardo Santos, Everest Casino's property manager. ‘Not only do they get additional cash prizes for playing our dynamic games, but their name is placed on our leader board for the world to see!’

The World Tour video slot machine uses icons depicting travelling and famous world destinations around the world as the gameplay symbols. Some of the symbols include trains, planes, Big Ben, pyramids, and the Parthenon among others.

So far, the largest payout is 35,000x, which happens as fifteen lines are played and five ships appear. World Tour also offers the additional exciting bonus round of a single-level pick-five game that offers a top payout of $9,000.00.

To enter the World Tour Adventure, interested players can use the coupon code TOUR2007 when placing their next deposit with the online casino. After entering this code, players earn 10 points each time they get into the Bonus Round on the standard World Tour machine and 15 points each time they reach the World Tour-500 bonus round.

Stephen Holder.
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