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Online players offered VH1 tournament spots

Two members of the online gaming site, UltimateBet will challenge among others Godsmack's Sully Erna, Damageplan and Pantera's Vinnie Paul and even ZZ Top's Dusty Hill to a not-so-friendly game of poker during VH1 Classic Rock n' Roll Celebrity Poker Tournament. This televised challenge will feature on VH1 Classic on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:00 PM EDT.

As one of the event sponsors, awarded two of its free online poker players with the opportunity to participate by registering online with their daily free roll to become a contender during the celebrity poker event.

Vinnie Paul and Sully Erna were both available for comment and they showed that this would be far from friendly. Vinnie stated, ‘The cowboy from Hell is coming to town, winner takes all!’ while Sully laid down the dare, ‘Go ahead and try to SMACK me out of this tournament.’

The $2,500 prize consists of a roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation in Las Vegas, as well as $150 per day.

In the spirit of the event, the tournament winner will donate all prize money to the charity of his choice. In addition, the winner will gain a trip to Aruba for next year's UltimateBet Poker Classic.

Alongside the main competition, when players are knocked out of the tournament, they will enter a 'Green Room' hosted by poker greats Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak. After interviews, Phil Laak will give coaching sessions, and a heads up tournament will be played. The champion of the Green Room heads up tournament will win a Cruise to Alaska.

Some of the other names involved in the main tournament are Ace Frehley formerly from KISS, and Scott Ian from Anthrax.

Stephen Holder.
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