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Online Gaming site now offers gin rummy.

Before poker became the high profile gambling game it is today, there was another game that links legendary WSOP Champion Stu Ungar, Hollywood stars and lovers Bogart and Bacall, the incorrigible Rat Pack, alongside Goldfinger and James Bond. This game is Gin Rummy. It is easy to learn, accessible and perfect to play online. Currently it is fighting to serious recognition alongside poker, and now is helping as the first global site catering to both rookie and expert gin players, having hosted over 100 million hands of gin rummy for stakes ranging from GBP1 to GBP1,000 per game. Every month, million of pounds exchange hands between members of this growing community of dedicated gin players.

Kevin Dale, CEO believes that, ‘Serious card players are looking for a fresh new buzz or adrenalin rush that is similar but not identical to poker. We have been nurturing our gin community and product for the last year and now have that great combination of pro players and improving amateurs which has been such a success in the poker world. The 'Gin Rummy World Championship' will be a rewarding experience akin to other competitive online tournaments.’

GameAccount has witnessed a surge in players looking to apply their card skills for fun and profits. Gin rummy is a skill game, but it keeps the element of chance necessary to make it encouraging to all newcomers. Players can read up on gin techniques, practise their games for low stakes at first, and then move into the big money games when confidence.

Gin Rummy's revival means that online gaming will witness a historical first in Summer 2007 when the inaugural Online 'Gin Rummy World Championship' will be hosted on the network.

Stephen Holder.
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