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Arsenal Warn Barcelona Over Cesc Deal

Premier League side Arsenal finally appeared to have grown tired of Barcelona’s public courtship of captain Cesc Fabregas and have told the Catalan club to “stop messing around” and make a proper offer.

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood stated that the Gunners are on the brink of calling off negotiations with the Spaniards entirely due to their public comments and general conduct that the club deems to be unprofessional.

“They have been messing about for a year-and-a-half now and they have got to make up their minds,” Hill-Wood told UK paper the Daily Star “The ball is in their court. They have made one bid of $26 million and another tentative one.”

Arsenal, however, are holding out for a fee closer to £40 million for their skipper, with Hill-Wood adding: “If they want to buy the player they are going to have to pay the right price – when you look at what is being paid elsewhere, I don’t think that is unreasonable.”

Although Hill-Wood has not yet put a date on when the club would want any prospective deal to be finalised by, it is thought that the Gunners will want at least a week to find a replacement for Fabregas before the new season starts in the event of any sale.
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