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Online Pokerroom launches European FreeRoll.

Online poker site, Absolute Poker, is gearing up for its next big online poker tournament, which will hit Europe soon. Absolute Poker will run The European FreeRoll Showdown, a free online poker tournament that aims to find out which country is home to Europe's best poker players.

‘There's a very distinct competitive spirit among European countries when it comes to poker,’ stated David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker. ‘Each European country thinks they're better than all the others. With the European FreeRoll Showdown, we're going to find out who's really on top.’

Players coming from the same countries can register for a free tournament and then the top five players in each country-specific Texas Hold'em tournament will win their spot in the final European FreeRoll Showdown event on March 24th. The winner of the final Texas Hold'em tournament will walk away with bragging rights for their country plus a piece of the $1,000 prize pool. Entry to the Europe-only online poker tournament is completely free.

So far it looks like experts predict that Sweden will likely come out on top, while the Germans look to put up a good challenge. Absolute Poker has plans to continue this contest opening it up to more countries on the next go around, including US and Canada.

European FreeRoll Showdown Tournament Schedule: Week 1: 24th February - Turkey, Germany, Finland, Norway, Russia; Week 2: 3rd March - France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland; Week 3: 10th March - Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland, Poland; Week 4: 17th March - Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Italy; Week 5: 24th March – FINALS.

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