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Waugh reveals cricket corruption figures

Former Australia cricketer Steve Waugh says 56 international players reported receiving illegal approaches from bookmakers during 2010.

The 46-year-old added that the figure was up from just five reports in 2009, leading him to suggest that players have confidence in the current system.

However, Waugh still implied he feels the ICC could be doing more to combat the problem, revealing that he intends to speak with them regarding the matter.

The former batsman also proposed the introduction of lie detector tests to help fight corruption in the game.

Speaking to BBC Test Match Special, Waugh said of match fixing: “We can't be naïve and close our eyes to this, of course it's going on, it's going on in all sports. You hope only to a small degree. I'm sure it's more spot-fixing than other stuff these days, but it's still not right.”

The former Australia captain also called for serious punishment for those discovered to be involved in corruption: “Any captain or person in a position of authority found guilty should have a lifetime ban," he said.
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