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Online poker room releases Instant Play.

The online poker room,, has announced the release of its Java version of their online poker product called Instant Play, which is an easy, accessible and immediate for all poker players. It offers a unique Mac-friendly any PC Texas Hold'em Poker for players around the world.

With Instant Play, Absolute Poker players can log in and play using the same username, password and balance anywhere and on any PC or Mac, whether they are on vacation or working from remote locations.

‘Instant Play will catapult Absolute Poker ahead of all competitors -- the poker community has been longing to play poker on any PC or Mac -- no other poker company has perfected Instant Play to this level,’ stated David Clainer, senior vice president for Absolute Poker. ‘Travelers, remote players and Mac users are largely underserved in this market and we've taken the necessary steps to accommodate them.’

Players can access Instant Play through the brand new Absolute Poker website, The company executives are positive that their no-download capability will increase as players can log on and play from anywhere. They are also confident that in the coming months, as winter tightens its grip, considerably more people are going to log on to gamble.

Another breach is that Instant Play is available to Mac users whose poker options were previously limited to a few sites that catered for them. Instant Play will open up a few more doors as players can enjoy Texas Hold’em without having to download software.

Stephen Holder.
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